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We are sports massage specialists

We are a group of multidisciplinary sports massage therapists who pride ourselves on providing an outstanding health service to the community. Our aim is to locate the cause(s) of our clients’ symptoms and offer appropriate treatment to return them to a pain free state of health with full range of movement.

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Aaron helps me to keep injury-free

As a full time Les Mills group training instructor I teach around 23 classes a week. I need to be full of energy, injury-free and be able to recover week in, week out. That’s why I see Aaron for his sports massage expertise.

Zara Kadir
Les Mills

He listens to my body and knows exactly how to treat it

Aaron’s enthusiasm for triathlons is evident in his treatment of athletes. I looked forward to my weekly sports massage in my build up to Kona because he listens to my body and knows exactly how to treat it. I walk out of his clinic knowing my body is once again ready to train at the top level I need to be at.

Simon Brown
2014 Kona Ironman

Thank you for helping me to improve my performance

Words can’t adequately express my gratitude to Aaron. Going from being unable to run 7 weeks out from my maiden marathon to finishing on the podium was only possible because of his expertise, first-hand knowledge of being an athlete, and dedication to getting me to the start line. Aaron’s sports massage services are now a no-brainer in my training regime!

Grant Schmidlechner
2nd place runner, 2015 Tromsø Marathon, Norway

An experienced professional

Aaron worked in private practice alongside my team at Balmain Sports Medicine in Sydney before moving to London. He is held in very high regard by his colleagues and, most importantly, by our clients.

James Sutherland
ex-Australian Wallabies physiotherapist, Australia

Experience and friendliness

I have known and worked with Aaron for over 10 years. His extensive experience, brimming positivity and depth of knowledge in the human body made him my first port of call when setting up my Sports Clinic at Local Motion Studios. As a movement coach and practitioner of multiple disciplines he is my go-to man for monthly treatment and I would, and do, recommend him to everyone I meet!

Simon Stratton
Owner, Local Motion Studios, London UK